Aaron Shaver (@shaversrazor) is a good friend of mine who has been a guest blogger here and at Andy in Progress.  I’ve known Aaron for years since we worked together at a Chick-fil-A when he was in high school and have been involved in ministry with him for several years at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center.

Aaron is a youth ministry guru who has not only been a youth pastor himself, but also a youth pastor’s helper.  He speaks with teens, helps other youth pastors develop and communicate vision, builds relationships, and provides youth ministry resources to them both in person and through his website, ShaversRazor.com.  I’m talking resources, not just youth ministry games.

As we enter 2011, Aaron is sharing his vision for where God is taking him and his ministry to other youth ministers and youth ministries.  Check Aaron’s video about where God is taking him in 2011.  Stop by Shaver’s Razor on the web or on Facebook.  And pray about how God might have you be involved in what God is doing in and through Aaron and his ministry.

YouTube – Vision Cast SHAVER’S RAZOR 12-15-10.mov.

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