One of the problems I hear from missionaries is that it’s difficult to update their websites while they are on the field. And that the biggest reason it’s hard is because they don’t always know when they’ll be able to get access to the internet using their computers.

Fortunately, armed with a smart phone, you can keep your website going using the official WordPress apps (iOS, Android). In fact, even though I live in the US, I have the official WordPress app loaded on my iPad and I’ve used it as recently as this week to update my blog.

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for Anroid

What you can’t do

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but there are some things you won’t be able to do with the WordPress app, so if computer access is a big issue for you, you may still want to have somebody else take care of a few things for you.

  • Install or update new plugins and templates
  • Maintain database backups
  • Run security scans
  • Change website settings
  • Update website navigation

Each of those are important things to take care of. But, like I said, if you can get the app, you may be able to have somebody else take care of the “administrative” details.

That still leaves the most important stuff

But, even considering the things you won’t be able to do, having one of these apps can can be really valuable because it will allow you to do the most important thing with your website – create content and maintain relationships.

Whether you have a self-hosted WordPress website like mine (affiliate link) or you use, one of these apps will allow you to:

  • Create and edit pages
  • Create and edit posts
  • Upload pictures
  • Manage comments

I’d like to hear from you

I want to connect with missionaries to learn more about the challenges they face in their ministries. So, if you’re a missionary, I’d love it if you’d take my short survey. And, if you know a missionary, it would be great if you could connect us (just send me their names and contact info – I promise I won’t spam them).


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