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I have to tell you, I think weddings totally rock!  There’s such excitement and anticipation.  There are all kinds of people showing up and sharing their lives – sometimes even family and friends from other countries.  It’s just a powerful thing.

A few days ago I was at a wedding.  Actually, to be more specific, I was in a wedding.  It was a blessed event and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Weddings Remind Me

Weddings remind me of things.  They remind me of the value of marriage.  They remind me of the vows I took with my wife.  They remind me that there’s something special about marriage – that it’s ordained by God and is one of the ways that the Holy Spirit forms us into the image of Jesus.

Weddings speak to me of how humanity was created in the image of God.  Of how God created us for relationship.  Of how God commanded dominion of the earth.  Weddings are a cool thing!

But there is always one part of the wedding that just totally messes me up.

The Entry of the Bride

Yes, that’s it.  When the bride enters, all beautiful and glowing, and everybody stands up in her honor.

In all honesty, tears well up in my eyes every time because I’m overcome by beauty, memories, and hopes.

  • The beauty and purity of the moment
  • The memory of my own bride walking down the aisle
  • The vision of the Bride of Christ entering the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, spotless, beautiful, complete
  • The hope of our new life, fully complete in relationship with God

The Wedding is an Event

I’m not at all confused that the wedding is an event that starts a life we must live daily.  It is a glorious, blessed, God-ordained event and it starts a new life that can be even more glorious and blessed than the wedding.

A new life where two become one.  Where God forms us into the likeness of his Son through the power of the Holy Spirit.  A life where we are able to experience intimacy, to extend and to receive grace, and to love unashamedly.

Let’s live marriages worthy of our weddings!  And let’s live lives worthy of our future with Christ in eternity!

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