Do you ever have difficulty figuring out what’s most important?  I know that I often do – on several levels.

Because of the way I try to understand the world, I’m always searching for the core or the most fundamental.  I always want to understand as completely as possible.  But sometimes that’s not enough.

You see, even beyond the very most important is also what’s most important right now.  This takes into account not only what is most fundamental, but also the context – where I am right now.

For example, I really want my little girl to grow up to know Jesus.  I want to teach her about God and to understand the world through the lens of Scripture.  I want her to find eternal life – to know God (John 17:3).  After all, this life is a vapor (James 4:14) but eternal life is…well, eternal.

It’s not the right time

But right now I can’t teach her about Jesus – at least not Bible stories.  I can’t teach her the Golden Rule and how to treat other people.  She’s too young for all of that.

So – what now?

Well, we’re trying to teach her to be familiar with the presence of God.  When we put her down to sleep in the evening, we intentionally worship so that she can begin to know what it’s like to be in the presence of God…even now.

We understand that she may never remember any of this.  But we want her to know God.  Not just know about God.  We want her to know God.

We can learn about God in many ways.  But knowing God is so much more than just information.  It’s about his presence.  It’s about becoming one with him.  And that’s why we want to practice the presence of God even when our little girl is too young to remember what we would want to tell her.

Then, maybe she’ll become familiar with God in the same way she becomes familiar with us – by spending time with him.

What about you?

Is there any goal that you have that you can’t move towards right now?
What can you do here and now to move towards your goals?

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