Yesterday I wrote about Feeding Your Soul: A Quiet Time Handbook by Jean Fleming. In her book, she lays out a simple format for daily personal devotions. Of course, this is not the only format for daily devotions. But it is one that I have found to be effective in my life. I’m still interested in hearing what you do for daily devotions.

Today I’d like to run through how I apply Jean’s format of Read, Report, Reflect, and Respond. What is below is simply my time in the word for today. While I was hoping that I’d have some amazing insight to Scripture as I worked through this, that is not the point. Rather, I’d like for you to see this simple format in action.

Before I began, I prayed and tried to quiet myself so that I could focus on God and what he had to say to me. This time wasn’t long and protracted. I simply tried to move my mind away from “the daily grind” so that I could focus on what is eternal – to create a “mini-sabbath” in the middle of my day.



  • The Samaritan woman was surprised that Jesus asked for a drink since she was a woman and because Jews didn’t associate with Samaritans
  • Jesus responded by telling her that if she knew who he was and understood the free gift of God, she would be asked and he would have given her living water.


  • How often does God ask if we can help him when, if we really understood him and his free gift, we would be making requests of him?
  • What is the free gift of God?
  • Jesus doesn’t allow himself to be held captive by the logic or traditions of men. Do I? If so, what do I miss?
  • Do we see Christ in the faces and requests of the “least of these“?
  • Do we believe that God really wants to associate with us?


  • Lord God, thank you that you defy the logic and traditions of men. Help me to receive from you so that I can be your ambassador on the earth.

And, as I go through my day, I look for opportunities to live what God has shown me in the word. I look for him to give me answers to my questions – answers from the Word, through the community of saints, and through creation.

May God bless you with understand, wisdom, and the grace of obedience. And may he do the same with me!

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