If you’ve not already started, it’s time to think about Christmas. What you’ll get. What you’ll give. Where you’ll spend your time.

Especially in a time when it seems that jobs are paying less and stuff costs more, what we can’t buy may be depressing. It seems we can never spend enough to let people know how much we really love them.

But you have something much more valuable to offer than stuff. You can offer yourself. You are more valuable than anything you can buy. So, instead of offering trinkets and trash (it all ends up in the trash eventually), find ways to offer your time and your attention and your love and your faith.

  • Be present when you’re with people
  • Turn off the TV and play games
  • Take a vacation
  • Share a meal
  • Volunteer together
  • Go for a walk
  • Share stories about your childhood
  • Just listen and enjoy being with people.
  • Pray and worship together

Those are just a few of my suggestions. What ideas do you have?

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