When we love deeply and fully, we open ourselves up to pain. We take a risk in pain for the opportunity for joy and a life fulfilled. But what do we do when we get hurt?

This has been a difficult week for me. There have been some difficult things I’ve walked through because of the people I love. Nobody’s done anything mean to me – it’s not that kind of thing. But it’s fair to say that there’s been some heaviness coming from loss and fear.

What to do?

There are so many wrong things I could do:

  • I could deny that there is difficulty
  • I could sit around and complain
  • I could take out frustrations on others
  • I could be angry and behave in dishonorable ways

But I don’t believe that these are how God would have me deal with life and love. Rather, I believe that he has called me to exchange my heavy spirit for a garment of praise (Isaiah 61:3). So, then, how do I walk this out?

  • Consider the situation
    I would be a fool to deny what is going on. In the same manner as dealing with an addiction, there is little to do before we can acknowledge that there is a problem – that things are not turning out the way I would like. That there is pain and fear or that there seems to be no hope of a promise of God fulfilled.
  • Take it to God
    Over and over in the Bible we see people taking their concerns to God. The Bible is literally filled with people crying out to God in the middle of their “stuff” because God cares for them (Psalm 55:22).
  • Get new eyes
    Take a look at the current situation through the eyes of faith in light of eternity. Remind yourself what God has promised to those whom he loves. Allow God to reset your vision, perspective, and understanding
  • Praise God
    Acknowledge the gifts that God has given you in Jesus Christ. Praise him for his unending greatness and mercy. Praise him for the extravagant beauty of creation and for the gift of love. And for the gift of relationship with God through Jesus of Nazareth.

These are what I’m doing. Some of you have dealt with pain, too. What else have you done to work through pain while honoring God?

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