Today at lunch Curt said something that surprised me. It’s something that I’ve known – and is clear in scripture. But for some reason, it struck me today.

Curt is a former roommate of mine and a friend to me and Katherine. We used to hang out more but today at lunch was the first time in a while. The food was good and the conversation was easily blessed.

He said that when he was praying a few days ago, he was asking God how to help people know what he (God) can do in their lives. And that God just impressed on him that people begin to have faith in what can happen in their lives when we share what God has done in our lives.

God has done amazing things in Curt’s life. I am continually astounded by the grace that God has given him and how much his relationship with God has improved over the last year or so. While Curt has a strong heritage of faith through his mother, he hasn’t always waked in a tight relationship with God.

What God has done in Curt’s life often encourages me and reminds me of what he can do in each of our lives. God is truly amazing and can do absolutely anything. My life is a testimony to his grace and power. So is Curt’s. And so is Katherine’s.

If you need to be reminded of the amazing things God can do in your life, get to know Curt and ask him about his. Or ask me about mine.

And if God has done amazing things in your life, be sure to share them with others.

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