I live a life where so many things weigh on my time, efforts, emotion, and priorities, I can’t even count them.

  • Money
  • Stuff (iPhone)
  • Ambitions
  • Problems/concerns
  • Fears and insecurities
  • Selfishness (self-centeredness)
  • Expectations of others
  • My job
  • Desires for holiness
  • Desires for intimacy with God

If I were to take all of the things that I invest time and attention in and put them in a scale, dividing them between sacred and secular, I’d be in trouble…at least on paper. (I’ll come back to that a little bit later).The only way I can at least seem balanced, since the number of things that would pull me away from God…the idols that I try to walk away from, yet often tied (at least in my mind) to the necessities of the life God has given me…is to make or allow God to be “heavy” in the balance of my life.What I’m working with here is the idea of the heaviness of the glory of God. Often referred to as the “Kabod” in Hebrew and usually translated as “glory” or “honor”, the word carries with it the idea of abundance, dignity, and reverence. But it also bears the idea of “weightiness”.

Do I need the weightiness of God in my life?

Tune in next time for more…

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