The word “unique” used to mean something. In the dictionary it still has a unique meaning but in practice it often means nothing more than “something that’s pretty cool and stands out a little” or “this thing I want you to pay attention to” or “this stuff I want you to buy.”

Stand out from the crowd unique golf tee game

Many of the things we think of (or call) “unique” are actually just stock items that are customized or personalized. If something is a stock item with a couple small changes for you it’s personalized. If you can choose from standard options, what you’re looking at is customized.

  • The name plate on your desk is personalized.
  • Your Google search results are personalized.
  • A brand new Mini Cooper can be customized.
  • You are unique.

You are Unique

Ordinarily I wouldn’t care much about the use of words and what they mean but I think we often have our perspective backwards about this kind of stuff. I think we often view ourselves as kind of the same as everybody else, with a few customized selections and personalized features, while we view a mass-produced item like an iPhone as unique.

The reality, though, is that you (and each of us) are truly unique, created by God for his pleasure and a specific purpose. Though in many ways we look the same and have the same building blocks (hands, feet, eyes, hair) we are not customized. At our core, each of us is specifically designed by God.

It’s Not Our Effort

God has created each of us to be one-of-a-kind. All we have to do is be who he created us to be.

  • We don’t have to try to be unique.
  • We don’t have to focus on uniqueness.

Instead, we need to hear from God about how and who he sees is (His word is more important than the opinions of people). We need to understand who he’s created us to be (whole yet completely dependent on Him). We need to live like He matters and allow Him to form us into the unique person he created us to be.

Photo credit: stevendepolo on Flickr (Creative Commons License)

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