So, in case you’ve not noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve written. Frankly, it’s been too long. I’ve had ideas but I’ve not taken the time to flesh them out and make them into something. But that’s not really what I’m writing about today.

For the past three years I’ve been the webmaster and social media manager for Springhouse Worship and Arts Center and I really enjoy the work. I like the challenge of finding ways to connect with people over digital media and sharing “God moments.” And I want to expand that.

Looking for more ways to serve

Some of you know, but many of you don’t, that I’ve recently been looking for ways to serve ministries and missionaries. I’ve spent a little time doing some web work for Community Servants and some consulting for Coffee Cup Ministries and Sound Paradigm Studio. And I have a couple more projects in the hopper.

What that means, at least for now, is that I’ll be hijacking this blog as part of what I’m doing. You’ve probably been used to the random assortment of quotes and thoughts. That will probably continue. But I’ll also be using this as a base to reach out to missionaries and to share about the work I’m doing.

I’m telling you this because it’ll probably affect our relationship in one of three ways.

  • You might want to unsubscribe
  • You might not read what I write anyway
  • If you stick around, I’m probably going to ask you for some help

So, there’s you go. If you don’t want to hear about what I have going on, you can unsubscribe – no harm, no foul. I won’t be offended. But if you’re interested in helping me connect with missionaries so that I can find ways to help them, please (please) stick around. And, if you do, as a bonus, you’ll still get to read my random thoughts. Sometimes.

Call to action

If you’re still reading, this is what I’d like you to do. Help me connect with missionaries.

  1. Share this post on social media (or by email)
  2. If you know a missionary or ministry I should connect with, send me a note with their contact information
  3. If you’re a missionary, take my short survey
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