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From time to time I find myself in discussions around tithing and giving. Questions and comments come up such as “Why does the Church need my money?” or “The New Testament doesn’t tell us to tithe.”

My wife and I tithe – we do it as a couple because the Bible says that the “two shall become one flesh.” It is something that we discuss and work on together. We also give to the church, to charities, and to individuals above our tithe.

I’m not going to spend any time here arguing for or against the tithe. My purpose here is not to lay out any lofty arguments or to prove that I am (or am not) clever and intelligent. Rather, I’m just laying out why I (we – my wife and I) tithe.

  • I see it in the Bible – I see it clearly in the Old Testament. And I see the principle at work in the New Testament. Further, I don’t see any mandate in the New Testament that negates the tithe.
  • Everything belongs to God – Tithing is one way that I can acknowledge with my will and with my actions that everything I “have” is God’s and is under his control. It goes well beyond a tithe – but that’s where it starts for me.
  • It’s my statement of faith and prosperity – Tithing says that my God has so blessed me that I don’t even need all that he has given me. He has given me so much that I can return 10% to him and I am still blessed beyond all measure.

The following are not some reasons I tithe.

  • My tithing is not manipulation so that God will bless me – God can’t be manipulated
  • My tithing is not to get forgiveness – I’ve already been forgiven because of what God has done for me through Jesus of Nazareth.
  • My tithing is not because I’m afraid – I am not motivated by the fear that God will take something away if I don’t tithe.
  • My tithing is not to “buy” God’s love – I can’t purchase what has been freely given

I have already been blessed beyond measure. How can I do any less than to honor God with at least 10% of my income?

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