Looking over the last week,  I’ve come across some great quotes on Twitter and some excellent articles. Here’s just a sampling of what has tickled my funny bone, made me think deeply about how I’m living, or that I think you might find interesting.

If you have a great quote or article that you’d like to make sure I see, send it to @bdentzy on Twitter.  Of course, no guarantees – there’s a lot of great stuff out there.  But it doesn’t hurt your chances.

The Quotes

The Articles

Negative Feedback Loops

What we tell ourselves about ourselves, others, and life is important.  It affects our perspectives and our actions.  Read this article about the power of feedback loops in company leaders across the nation.

4 Time Management Mindset Fails

So much about time management is focused on doing more or being some kind of time management ninja.  But these ideas all ignore four basic time management mindset failures.  Read this great article by Kenny Silva on the four mindset failures and what to do about them.

Do You Have A Not-To-Do List?

Being successful is about being effective at what’s important.  We often use “to do” lists to keep ourselves on track and to make the most of our time.  But what about  “not to do” list?  Have you ever used one of those (I do).  Power through this excellent post by Michael Hyatt to learn what’s on his “not to do” list and how to build one yourself.

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