SNES Reset ButtonSome days I need a mid-day reset button for my life.  Maybe I’ve lost perspective or my priorities are out of balance.  Or maybe it’s just been a rough day.

In any event, I end up in a place where I need to reset my life.  I need to take a few minutes to focus on God and on his purposes.  To talk with him about what’s going on.

It was a Suggestion

So, at Pastor Kevin O’Dea’s suggestion, I have scheduled my reset.  Yep…just like a computer backup.  I have an entry on my Google Calendar.  I get an email and a text message every day about 1:00 PM.  That’s my cue to take a few minutes for prayer.

Usually, I just get up from my desk and take a walk around the building.  Maybe four or five minutes.  Just to pray.  That’s all.

And I can tell you this, it makes a difference.  It helps me.  Sure, there are more things that I could do.  But this is something I am doing.

And something I am doing is more effective than something I could do but am not.

How about you?

Could you schedule a few minutes in the middle of your day to reset?
Why not schedule it now?

Photo Credit: Chris.JP

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