Baby Skunks (and gunshots)b
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The other day I was driving to work and ended up going past a (then-deceased) skunk lying in the middle of the road. Believe it or not, there was a particularly pungent odor around the skunk. I could smell it well before I saw the skunk and it’s scent lingered even after I had passed that cute little varmint.

The skunk wasn’t ugly. Actually, it was kind of cute. But that cute little bugger packed an odoriferous punch that was nearly beyond compare. There was certainly no way that a little Febreez would have covered the malodorous air of our furry little friend.

I believe that our our sin stinks. It makes it impossible for us to be in close relationship with God – and there’s no way we can cover up the smell. And we sure can’t pretend our sinful stench simply isn’t there.

That’s where I’m going to leave this one. I have other posts related to forgiveness and the grace of God. You should definitely check those out.

But we do need to remember that these are not an excuse to continue in sin – it still stinks.

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