A simple philosophy, simply lived, will lead you to a simple life.

A few months ago, I wrote about how it seems like we so often search out or create complex ideas and philosophies so that we can have the simplicity we so deeply need. It’s as though we think it’s complex to be simple. We go searching for “hidden truths” and “little-known secrets” to achieve what we think we want – really, what we’ve been told we should want.

I ran across a great article yesterday: 7 Steps for Achieving a Super Simple Life. You should definitely check it out. I think that blogger Joy captured the heart of how to have simplicity in life with her seventh step:

7. Simplify Your Philosophy
Adopting a simple lifestyle can require a shift in thinking. It requires you to accept that what you have is “enough”, learn to let go of the need to be a superachiever, live in the moment, find simple pleasures, and define your identity by reflection rather than by consumerism.

Really, that’s about it. Don’t let the marketing machine that was created for no other reason than to manipulate your desires for pride, greed, power, and lust to make you invest your very life into the things that lead to death. Don’t buy into it. There is a better way. A higher way!

Spend some time in the Bible, in prayer, and in worship. Allow God to define who you are and how you are perceived. And then live that.

It’s not necessarily easy. But it’s simple. It’s singular. In Christ it’s possible.

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