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Our life in Christ isn’t static.  It’s dynamic.  It shifts and changes and grows.  It’s not a destination, it’s a journey.  And it’s a journey that’s meant to be shared.  Shared with God and shared with others.

In fact your journey – the ongoing story of your life with Christ – might be one of the most powerful things you have to offer.  One of the most irrefutable ways to share your faith.  It might just be a way that you can defeat the work of evil in the world (Revelation 12:11).

Why is Your Story Powerful?

  • It’s YOUR story.
  • It shows that God is interested in our lives.
  • It demonstrates God’s faithfulness and grace.
  • It’s an opportunity to share how you’ve lived so that others can live better than you have.

How Long Should I Wait?

You don’t have to wait to start sharing your story.  You don’t have to be an old man or woman.  You don’t have to be perfect (I sure haven’t arrived yet).  You don’t have to be nearing your death.

In fact, you don’t just have to share your story in the past tense.  You can share your life right now.  You can invite other people to be part of God’s ongoing work in your life.  And you can be involved in what he’s doing with them at the same time.

How Can I Share My Spiritual Journey?

Well, in some way’s that’s very personal.  And I believe God wants it to be very personal.  At the same time, there are a few VERY basic principles that will always apply.

  1. Have a relationship with Jesus
  2. Spend time with other people
  3. Be authentic
  4. Allow God to speak to you and change you
  5. What else?
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