Rusty Old Bucket by Erlomo on FlickrHave you ever considered making a bucket list.  I know that I have.  In fact, I’ve written about that in the past.

But one thing about bucket lists (or at least mine) bothers me: they’re so often self-centered.  They’re about achieving and experiencing more than doing and serving.  And they’re usually “far-off” things.  The kinds of things we think of as a destination rather than a part of a journey.

Today I was reading “Why I Hope to Die Empty” on Michael Hyatt‘s blog that turned my idea of a bucket list on its head.  Maybe the goal of a bucket list isn’t so much about doing a bunch of stuff before I kick the bucket.  Maybe it’s about realizing how full God has already filled my bucket and taking advantage of every opportunity to empty my bucket in service to those around me.  To share my journey with others without worrying whether I ever receive anything in return.

Honestly, I’m not sure that I do this very well.  God has greatly blessed me but I so often want to hold things back.  Lord, help me to pour myself out in service!

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How about you?

How full is your bucket?
And are you emptying your bucket every day so that God can fill it up again?

Photo credit: Erlomo

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