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Technology is a cool thing.  I almost can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have a cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and the ability to telecommute.

I’m Blessed

I am very blessed that I live where and when I do.  I’m happy about it.  In fact, I still want an iPad, even though they’re $500 or more.  And I want an Android phone even though it’ll cost me $30 more per month just for a data plan.

But there’s something I can’t do through technology.  I can’t actually show up over technology.  I can’t have fondue on Facebook.  I can’t actually hug somebody or shake a hand.

Why Show Up?

So why show up?  If we can do lots of stuff electronically, why bother to hop in the car (or on a bicycle) and burn the calories to show up?

  1. “[The] coolest technology in the world can’t replace looking someone in the eye, shaking their hand, grabbing an impromptu coffee or drink or handing someone your business card as a sign of interest.” (via DoubleShot Creative)
  2. TV and movies are cool.  But watching somebody else bring a character to life isn’t as cool as watching it in person – in real time.
  3. Concerts are better than CDs, even if the sound isn’t as good.
  4. More of our communication is non-verbal than verbal (or written).  So we say more when we’re together, even if we talk less.
  5. We’re more likely to change and grow because real change happens in person.  Cultural change is always personal change.
  6. It helps us know each other better. (via WebWorkerDaily)
  7. Laughter is contagious and compassion is personal.
  8. Being with somebody else helps us focus our attention.
  9. Our children learn how to live by watching what we do.
  10. God’s love for us was made personal in and through Jesus of Nazareth.

More ideas?

I’m sure there are more reasons we should get together in person.

Do you think it’s important to get together?
What are you going to do about it?

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