Leading change can be hard but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, there are some very simple strategies that will help you lead change effectively.

I don’t have a lot of time today so I’m just going to get to it.

  1. Communicate: Tell people about the changes – what you’re doing and why. Share the vision for what you have. Share it again. And then share it again. Remind people of what’s happening. Share your picture of the future.
  2. Be consistent: Live and behave in a way that’s consistent with the change you’re leading. And then be consistent in your communication and in your actions. Keep the course until it’s done.
  3. Insert yourself in the process: This one might be the most important. As a leader, you might have to actually show up and be part of meetings and events to increase visibility and participation. That’s OK. Part of being a leader is recognizing where your personal involvement is what’s needed to lead the change you see.

Now, for those of you who are wondering, no I didn’t think these up myself. I learned them by watching and listening to my pastor (Ronnie Meek). He’s used these three strategies (and more) consistently as he’s led change throughout our church.

In fact, it was one of his tweets this morning that reminded me of how consistent he’s been in communicating vision and being part of the transformation process as he’s been leading change.

So, leaders (young and old) how are you leading change?


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