If you’re a leader (or close to one) you know that leaders often wear a number of hats.They do a lot of things – they go first – not like cutting in line, more like blazing the trail. They protect their people. They have their eyes open and see things.

But three things leaders do are critical and set the stage for everything else.


  • Communicate vision
  • Create culture
  • Live it

I can’t get away from these elements. They’re critical. And your ability to deliver on them is critical to your leadership and your organization. Sure, there are other things that are important – style, valuing people, building rapport, making quality decisions – but they are only part of the equation.

If you can articulate a compelling vision and live it to the extent that you create the culture that empowers people to align their efforts, you have the building blocks for a strong organization.

Whether your organization is a company, a church, or a family, you need to communicate vision (often), create the culture that aligns with that vision, and live it out yourself.

A few quotes for fun:

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