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I’ve found that it’s incredibly easy to be consistent. It’s just easier to be consistent at what is easy than what is hard. It’s easier to be consistent at what comes naturally than what requires change.

Here’s where I’m consistent

I’ve found that I have an amazing ability to be consistent in a few areas for sure:

  1. I have an amazing capacity to be lazy
  2. It’s easy for me to be selfish or self-centered
  3. I don’t have much difficulty being self-promoting
  4. I have no difficulty whatsoever in assuming the worst about a person or situation

The problem with my ability to be consistent is that none of these are areas where I want to be consistent. In fact, none of these areas describe how I would like to be consistent.

How about you? In what areas of your life are you consistent? (click here to comment)

Here’s where I want to be consistent

In all honesty, I would much rather be known for being consistent in other areas of my life. For other actions and personality traits and motivations.

  1. Passionate devotion to Jesus
  2. Consistent prayer and study time
  3. Sharing my life and faith with others
  4. Being generous with my time and resources
  5. Being compassionate and understanding
  6. Always thinking on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, etc. (Philippians 4:8)

How about you? Would you like to be consistent in areas where you are not right now? (click here to comment)

Is it good enough?

I’m not satisfied to be consistent in what is worthless and inconsistent in what matters. I don’t believe that God‘s design for my life was that I not matter. That I not be part of his work on the earth. That I not be passionately devoted to him.

Heaven forbid that I should set up camp where I am and just say “That’s how God designed me. I guess this is how I should be.”

I am created for God’s glory and will glorify him whether I want to or not. But how much better for me to be actively involved with him? For my passions to align with his. For my heart to beat as his. For my hands to serve as his. For me to be formed into his image and be fulfilled in him.

How about you?

Is where you are good enough?
Do you want to see change?
What are you going to do about it?

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