I want to hear what you have to say about influence.

What is Influence

It seems like many people equate influence with popularity – and popularity can certainly be part of influence.  Online we use tools such as Klout and PeerIndex to measure influence (if it’s really influence at all).  And we use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to spread our message.

But I question whether that’s more influential than just sitting down to have coffee with somebody.  After all, sitting across the table with your friends or someone who’s asking for advice, looking them in the eye, and holding them accountable for their actions (and allowing them to do the same) is a lot different from scheduling quotes from Mark Twain, Ghandi, and the Bible.

This is for real

In fact, just today I was sitting down with a friend to discuss business strategy.  Sure, we could have handled it by email (and we did email before and after our lunch).  We could have tweeted back and forth.  But there was a certain immediacy and intimacy in the moment.  There was a certain earthiness and power in being together.

Further, just last year I went through an excellent mentoring program using materials selected by Regi Campbell (@radicalmentor).  One of the great things about the experience was having seven people all together working through life in person, in real-time.  In many ways I believe we may have accomplished more good in ten months with seven people than in several years with many more people at a greater emotional and relational distance.

So here’s the question:

Are YOU more influential by focusing a little effort on a lot of people from a distance or by focusing a lot of effort on a few people up close and personal?

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And, now that you know where you’re most effective, what are you going to do about it? 

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