Sometimes I learn about God and about a life of faith in the most unexpected places.  Often in the most mundane places.  I find that so often God speaks to me in the boring parts of a glorious life.  I guess it’s no wonder that Jesus commanded us to “consider the lilies,” (Luke 12:27), is it?

Just a couple days ago, God spoke to me in a mundane part of my life.  I was at home and getting ready to go upstairs to get something (I don’t remember what that was any more).  As I got up and headed towards the stairs, Mischief – one of our cats – decided to race me.

But Mischief didn’t know where I was headed.  He headed out at top speed, knowing that he would win the race to the downstairs bathroom.  And, of course, he did win – sort of.  Except that I didn’t race him.

I Didn’t Get Sucked into His Race

I knew where I was headed and just kept going to my destination.  I let him win his little race with no competition.  After all, winning that race was of no value to me.  I had no need to win a race to a place I wasn’t headed.

It’s at that point that God spoke to me.  No, not the “audible voice” of God.  But the still small voice of the Holy Spirit that reminds us of Jesus’ teachings and that reminds us of Scripture.

Know Which Race

In that moment I realized that there are many races in life.  There are many destinations.  And, being a little competitive, I can easily get sucked into running the wrong race.  I can so easily end up chasing rainbows and goals and trying to be someone other than who I actually am.  In fact, chasing the wrong goals can even suck motivation out of our lives.

So it’s really important for me (for us) to know who I am and what race God has for me to run.  It’s important for me to know what it is to win that race and how to run the race.  Because (to steal a book title from John Ortberg), When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box (Amazon Link).

I Can Run Any Race

Sure, I can run any race I want to.  I can get caught up in the rat race.  I can grasp and claw at wealth and riches.  Or I can try to earn my salvation by giving everything away.  But I can’t win any of these races.  So there’s no point in running.

The only race I can win is the one God has for me.
And the only way I can win it is in and through him.

That goes for you, too.

The only race you can win is the one God has for you.
And the only way you can win it is in and through him.

Some Introspection

I wonder what races I’m running that are headed nowhere.
What about you?  Any races you’re running that you should stop?
What are you going to do about it?

Photo by: LSE Sports

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