Photo by Nicholas_T on Flickr!I’m looking for your responses here.  I’d like to hear what you do (or don’t do) to grow spiritually.

I’ve blogged about being spiritually effective and growing in relationship with God (one of my most popular posts), about things that inhibit growth, about hearing from God and making decisions, about discipleship and priorities because there’s always too much to do.  But after all of that talking I really want to hear from you.

I’d like to know what specific practices you use to:

  1. Stay connected with God
  2. Hear from God
  3. Grow in your relationship with God
  4. Get out of a rut

So, there you go.  Here’s your chance to blow my socks off and share what God’s taught you over the years.  Please comment, share, tweet, ask around, and reply to your heart’s content.

Photo credit: Nicholas_T

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