81e0e2a9defb3afbA couple of weeks ago I wrote something about spouses being good to each other and why spouses should be good to each other. These were in response to a message brought by Pastor Barbie Loflin (@sheteaches on Twitter). I’d like to follow those two “theoretical” posts with a post dedicated to making theory into practice.

I Want Your Comments

Before I even head down this road I would like to say that I don’t begin to know all of the answers. In fact, I’m hoping that I hear many great ideas from you. And that because I am a follower of Jesus, my comments will certainly be bent towards the perspective of living the Gospel.

My (Incomplete) List

Here are just a few ways that spouses can be good to each other.

  • Pray
    Spend some time with God each day. Make sure that you are putting some time and effort into maintaining your relationship with God. Pray for your spouse. Pray for your family. Pray for your enemies.
  • Read the Bible
    The Bible is the foundation for Truth in your life. It is how God has chosen to reveal himself to humanity.
  • Learn Your Spouse’s Love Language
    Learn your spouse’s love language. And make every effort to build them up using their love language.
  • Encourage Your Spouse
    Encourage your spouse as a person. Recognize success and growth. Find at least one thing a day about which you can praise your spouse.
  • Date Your Spouse
    Go do something your spouse enjoys. Play a game. Talk for a while. Walk down the street holding hands.
  • Brag on Your Spouse
    Brag on your spouse – whether he or she is present or not. Recognize his or her good qualities. Recognize what he or she brings to the relationship and adds your family and your life together.

Now for Your Comments & Stories

How about you? What is missing from my list? Do you have a story of how your spouse has shown love to you? Of how your spouse has lived the Gospel?

Share those in the comments section.

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