ImageWhat do we do when we’re used, abused, or maligned? When relationships are broken through no fault of our own? When it seems like we’re out of prayers for the sick and have no faith left?

Rejoice in the Lord

Say What?

Rejoice in the Lord. Jesus makes it clear that we’re to rejoice when we’re spitefully used and when people speak lies against us. That we’re to turn the other cheek when abused. That we’re to rest in God when we’re insufficient.

That sounds great…but I can’t do that

Of course not. It takes supernatural power. The power of the Holy Spirit to love those who are “unlovable”.

Think for a minute what might happen when you bless those who curse you – you might be entering into God’s plan for their redemption! When you pray for those who have hurt you, you receive healing. When you ask God to extend his mercy to cover those who are hell-bent, he may use that prayer to stop them short of catastrophe. When you offer up a prayer for the hopeless case, his hope within you increases.

God’s grace is sufficient – and he asks us to enter into that grace and be part of extending it to others.

Lord, God, restore the childlike wonder and mystery of our relationship with you. Open our eyes to the greater Reality around us. Give us the grace to extend your mercy to others. Teach us to love with abandon!

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