Just having a good idea isn’t enough to make you successful. If that were enough, yours truly would have been wildly successful at the age of 6.  Unfortunately, success requires more than good ideas.

Truly good ideas, world-changing ideas, need to have a couple more things going for them:

The world has to be ready for them:

Do you think the world is really ready for a leprechaun-powered car (if they even existed)?  I don’t.  I’m not sure that the market would support any true initiative towards alternative fuels or mythical creatures.  But the market was ready for the iPhone when Apple introduced it.  The market was ready for Android phones.  Is the world ready for your ideas?

You have to work hard:

A good idea simply can’t succeed without a lot of hard work.  It takes work to fail the way to success.  It takes investments –  time, resources, and passion to truly bring life to a great idea.  Nothing truly worth accomplishing is not also worth the battle to get there.

Let’s step away from the leprechaun-powered cars for a moment.  Do you want to see an end to starvation or destitute poverty?  Do you want to make people smile?  Do you want to make it easier for people to self-publish?

Well, get ready for some work.  Sometimes I would prefer that ideas simply sprout and grow without effort.  But that’s not how the world works.  That’s not how it was designed.  So, let’s get out there and do the work to make the world a better place.

What are your passions?
What are your ideas?
Will you get out there and do something about them? 

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