My wife and I are expecting our first baby.  Actually, we’ve been expecting her for the last nine months or so, because her official due date is today. (No, that is not our baby in the photo.)

Clearly, she hasn’t been born yet, and it’s possible she won’t be born today.  In times like this it’s so easy to become impatient and to forget that God’s timing is best.  I know it’s easy because I often get impatient with God.

God’s Timing is Best

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had struggles with faith because of timing.  I always want God’s best.  But sometimes I want God’s best at the wrong time.  Sometimes I want God’s best for later but I want it right now.

Like right now, waiting on a baby.  I want for her to be born at the right time – in God’s time.  But I sure am looking forward to meeting her.  And I’m getting a little impatient this morning.

Photo credit: SeRVe61

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