Have you ever wondered why we keep scrapbooks?  I know I have.

My mom has made at least a couple of scrapbooks from when I was growing up.  They have the usual things – a lock of hair, a senior picture, and pictures of all kinds of relatives and vacations and the first ever experience with bubble gum.

I used to wonder why she did that.  And I think I now know why we do photo albums and scrapbooks; we want to remember.

There’s a part of us that wants to store up the life experiences of those we love and save them.  To capture time and cherish moments.  To make the fleeting moments last.  I think this is part of being created in the image of God.

It’s not just scrapbooks

We don’t all use scrapbooks and photo albums to store our moments (my wife and I have very few) but we try to save our moments just the same.  For example, my wife and I have a few gigabytes (yep, GB) of photos and videos of our little girl.  We haven’t spent much time sorting and choosing the best moments – we’ve just kept it all (even the photos that are grainy and out of focus).

We love her so much we want to cherish and share everything.  So we save it all, share it, and go back to relive the moments.

That’s how it is with God

God doesn’t forget anything and he doesn’t need Facebook or an external hard drive to remember our lives – everything is ever present to him.  He stores up all of our moments – the good, the bad, and the ugly – as a Father who loves his children.  If it were possible for a moment to be grainy and out of focus to God, it would still be kept.  Cherished.

Love changed my perspective

When I was growing up, phrases like “God knows everything you do” struck fear into my heart. Truthfully, there is still fear from time-to-time.

But, more and more, as I grow in my understanding of God’s love that fear is replaced with love and the assurance that God’s attention is for my good.  That he cares about every detail of my life because he loves me, not because he doesn’t want to miss any of my sins or moments of temporary stupidity.

Because I’ve been reconciled to him through his Son, he loves me as his child.  And he remembers everything as a loving father.

Pretty cool, huh?

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