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I wonder if part of the reason we – the Church – don’t share our faith more is because we’re not connected.  I don’t mean that we don’t have cell phones and don’t check our email every 8.36 seconds.  I mean that our lives aren’t connected.

Sure, we think we’re connected.  We share information about our lives.  But we don’t share our lives.

We share pictures and thoughts and quotes.  But we don’t get in the car.  We don’t go to concerts with friends.  We don’t hang out at the park.  At least not like we used to.

Instead, we hole up in our homes – our fortresses of solitude – where we have information and entertainment piped in.  Where we nuke our TV dinners and write blogs in the middle of the night (“like I’m doing now”, types Bryan ruefully).

A Personal Proverb

This is one I made up.  You can’t have fondue on Facebook.

You just can’t.

Let’s Make a Change

It’s OK to keep up with your friends and to share photos and stuff.  But let’s make sure we’re sharing our lives.

  • Attend worship services
  • Go to ballgames (suggested by Patty Both on Facebook)
  • Take friends to concerts
  • Go to a park to walk your dog
  • Grill out with the neighbors
  • Have an outdoor movie night (suggested by Mark Entzminger)
  • Invite me over for fondue

What am I missing?
Give me some ideas.  I need ’em too!

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