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Joey Montgomery

@joeymontgomery Nashville-Davidson (balance…

Phil Oldfield

@philoc3tuggerah Tuggerah/central coast N.S.W
Disciple,Husband,father,grandfather friend; Pastor – C3 Tuggerah visionary leader.builder.




@Chillami Northern CA USA
Dogs, Genealogy, Social Media, Photography. Happily married /32 years. Active LDS. Relocated from CA 2 Utah 2 CA again. Still adjusting but life is good :-)

Nate Fehrman

@NewNateFitness Smyrna, TN
Independent Beachbody coach, God is changing my life and family tree, one push-up at a time. I can help you do the same.


@whittmadden Paducah, KY
Leaving everything behind to follow Christ.

Baughman Media Works

@bmediaworks iPhone
Creative artistry in Nashville wedding photography, videography & D.J. services. We love to network with engaged couples, brides and wedding vendors.

Teri M.

@indyinktweets Nashvegas
Author/Screenwriter/Editor Scraping little shavings off my ration of light/sending them to you against those moments when darkness blows under your door

A’Johnson Olabode

@GMSnWonder At The Master’s Feet
JesusFREAK! 20.Gemini.Student.PrayerWarrior.Footballer| focused.humbled.wise.loving|SAVED&ENGAGED.handsome.REAL.ambitious. #teamJESUS ;) ✓

Steve Grossman

@stevegrossman Smyrna, TN
Man, husband/father,businessman and encourager who is passionate about living fully alive and helping others do the same.

Interesting Blogs

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Train the Untrained to Reach the Unreached

As someone who is currently giving his life to training pastors internationally, I’m convinced of the strategic role that training plays in reaching the unreached. Here are a few thoughts about how the Western Church can be involved:

  1. As we are deeply concerned in going to the unreached peoples of the earth, we should recognize the unique impact of non-Western missionaries and seek to train them. These untrained messengers of the gospel often know at least five languages — they just need theological grounding. What is the main point of the text? How does the whole Bible fit together? They need to see where they fit in God’s story of redeeming the nations and we should be committed to serving them.

via Train the Untrained to Reach the Unreached – Desiring God.

Don’t Focus On What You Can’t Control

There are a lot of things that you need to focus on to succeed in sales. You have focus on prospecting and opening new opportunities. You have to focus on nurturing relationships with your dream clients. You have to focus on making effective sales calls. You have to focus on finding ways to create value for your clients, and on developing yourself so that you can do even better in the future.

You can control what you focus on and take all of these actions.

via Don’t Focus on What You Can’t Control — S. Anthony Iannarino.

Not Getting Enough Work Done? Try Taking More Breaks

It’s five pm on Friday, but you’re staring at a stack of work that you really need to get finished.

You’ll be working over the weekend … again.

And you promise yourself that next week, you’re going to be more organized. You’re going to work harder. You’re going to focus.

Except, somehow, that never seems to work.

You’re wondering what the heck you’re doing wrong.


via Not Getting Enough Work Done? Try Taking More Breaks – by Dumb Little Man.

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