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This evening I had to make a quick run to the grocery store to pick up some flour for Katherine – my amazing wife. On the way home I was struck by God’s amazing gifts in the mundane miracles.

As I drove, I began to see the transition towards autumn and hear frogs singing in the background. Dusk is coming earlier and the temperature is dropping. The weather is shifting towards mist and intermittent light rain. Soon the leaves will begin to change colors as nature prepares for winter. In short, it’s comfortable, mundane, and beautiful.

What are Mundane Miracles?

This is one of God’s mercies in my life. One of his mundane miracles – the miracles that flow from the mind of God daily. The miracles that we miss if we don’t realize that all of creation glorifies God – sings his praises if you will – but that we recognize if we just take the time to ponder the mundane. The little miracles that we think are just part of the cycle of life and seasons. The miracles that we miss if we focus too much on our destinations, arrivals, and goals and forget to enjoy the journey.

God didn’t have to make dusk comfortable to me. He didn’t have to make a song specific to frogs. He didn’t have to fill my life with his presence. He didn’t have to do anything. And yet he did.

Reflect and Respond

Take a few minutes to reflect on God’s mundane miracles in your life. What are they? What is your response to the mundane miracles? What is your response to God?

Lord Jesus Christ, creator of all, thank you for your presence in my life. For your miracles, revealed and hidden, mundane and extraordinary. Thank you for your gifts of grace into my life, for the comfort of dusk, for the joy in a glance of my wife’s smile, for the softness of a cat’s fur, and for purpose in life and work. You are already more than I deserve – beyond compare – and you still bless me with more. Thank you.

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