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A couple weeks ago I wrote that I was changing my media diet. Today I’d like to look at what I’ve changed and what I’ve been seeing as the effects of a media diet change.

Before we get into the changes, though, let’s remember that there was a reason that I wanted to change my media diet. Behind what I’ve changed. I didn’t just decide that I wanted to do this so that I could deny myself things that I like. Rather, I wanted to change things so that I could have what I wanted more.

I saw things in my life that didn’t line up with how I believe God would have them. And I wanted what God has for me more than I wanted to fill my life with amusements.

What did I change?

First, I figured that if I wanted my relationship with God and with my wife to have more space in my life, I needed to change some things to make that space. So to make that space, I cut back.

I drastically cut back on the how much time I invested in email, reading blogs, Twitter, and Facebook as well as how much time I watched TV. While I can’t quantify this, I can say that I’ve been very careful about how much time I’ve been putting into social networking. To that end, I’ve been trying to be very focused when I use these tools so that I’m getting the most value for the time I’m putting in.

Beyond that, I’ve also started to be careful about when I am consuming or creating media. I’m trying my very best not to take any time away from what could be invested in my key relationships – God, my wife, and other friends.

Of course, I knew that cutting back would not be enough on its own. I knew that I’d also have to be very careful about investing this newly-freed time back into those relationships. So I set out to spend more time in the Bible, prayer, and worship as well as more “interactivity” time with my wife and face time with friends.

How have I been doing?

For the most part, I’ve done OK with changing my media diet. I have occasionally found myself drifting into unfocused amusement with social media. But I’d say it’s getting better.

What effects have I seen?

I’ve been blown away by what God has done through this simple change. I am absolutely the recipient of his grace. And he certainly deserves all the honor.

Here’s what I’ve seen:

  • I’ve actually been able to share and interact more on Facebook and Twitter while investing less time because I’ve been more focused.
  • I find my thoughts and the meditations of my heart more squarely focused on God
  • I am more focused on continuing to develop my relationship with my wife – and noticing how amazing she really is
  • I see God’s handiwork more clearly throughout the day
  • I sense intimacy with God, with my wife, and with others growing
  • I find myself profoundly humbled by what God has done through those around me

If you ask me, that’s really cool.

How about you?

Are you happy with your life?
Do you want to see God more clearly?
What could you change so that he can work in your life?

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