Facebook is a pretty cool thing.  I’m on Facebook and I like it.  It’s great for sharing photos and stories and such.  And for keeping up with friends.  But does it make us better friends?

I don’t know

I’m talking to you – the “regular” people who use Facebook and email and Twitter to keep up with friends and family.  Not the people who are marketing their business or trying to network for their next sale.  Just the people who use it personally.

Do you think it makes you a better friend?

I mean, it’s great to catch up.  It’s super-easy to “like” a comment or status update.  You can use Facebook to begin to know people in a socially non-threatening way.  But does it make you a better friend?

I know there have been times that I’ve “liked” and commented away and felt really connected to my friends and family.  That is, until I’m asked a question about something that I “liked” or commented and I realize I can’t even remember the comment, much less the context.

How about you?

Has that ever happened to you?
Do you think Facebook makes you a better friend?

Have I been a good friend to you on or through or in spite of Facebook?

Photo credit: uros velickovic

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