Christ is always with us.

Let’s take a little time to meditate on that today. Let’s take some time to be aware of his presence in our lives.

A prayer to get started:

Lord Jesus Christ, God incarnate, born of a virgin and crucified for our sins so that we might be in perfect relationship with God, with each other, and with all of creation, help us to be aware of your constant presence in our lives today and this week. In our difficulties, remind us that you are our strength. In our celebrations and joy, remind us that you are the source of all joy. In our loneliness, remind us that we are never truly alone.

God’s presence is a wonderful thing for a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. God is the source of our hope (Psalm 62:5), our joy (Psalm 16:11), our faith, and our peace (Isaiah 26:3). His presence is the consummation of all beauty and logic and wisdom. It is our strength ever-present in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).

Are we Aware?

Really – are we aware of God’s presence in our lives? Are we looking for him? If angels appeared from on high and proclaimed his presence to us, would we even notice?

I can honestly say that I am very often not looking for him. I know he’s there but I’m not really pursuing him. He’s part of my life but I don’t often actively invite him to be so.

Rather I quickly cloud my heart and mind from God’s presence in my life. I fill my life with novelties, trinkets, and pursuits so that I am insulated from how empty and dull and banal and impotent my life really is. I insulate myself from the pain and humanity which constantly surround me. I so quickly forget that I am surrounded by souls created in the image of God Almighty.

And all the while God calls me to come to him, to leave behind my empty pursuits, to stop isolating myself from others, and to follow him into all joy – joy that only he can offer.

Our Response

Join me as I invite God to be part of my “every” day. Let’s lay aside our vain pursuit of empty pleasures and find our joy in Christ alone. Let’s take our difficulties and problems and pains to him so that we can be aware of his beautiful presence even in the middle of our troubles.

How about you?
Is there something that you do (or can do) that helps you re-center your life on Jesus?
Is there something that is distracting you right now? How can you invite Jesus into it?

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