In a recent infographic, Clicker reports that not only are some people watching internet TV while they should be working but that it affects productivity.  While that’s not surprising, it certainly surprised me that their research shows that it actually increases productivity.

Now, first, I have to say that I’m concerned about ethical integrity.  I think that it’s important to give our very best in all that we do (Ecclesiastes 9:10).  And I absolutely wonder what watching TV on the internet while at work says about our professional integrity, much less our personal integrity.

But I do have to wonder about the results – increased productivity.  I wonder why people might be more productive at work if they watch TV on the internet.  Can it be that internet TV can increase workflow productivity?  Or that maybe our productivity measurement is skewing the results?

I have my theory on the “why” – that people find ways to increase their own productivity so that they have the time to watch internet TV – even though that creates an issue of personal integrity.  But this does beg the question – can allowing internet TV at work be one of our ways to improve worker productivity?

What do you think?  And why do you think that?

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