As you might know by now, I’ve turned a little corner and I’ve hijacked this blog to write about and learn about some of the challenges that missionaries face and to offer any solutions I can create or find. But I think it’s about time to return this blog to its normal purposes.

question box

So far, I’ve been able to respond to a couple of questions that came up from my survey.

I’m certainly open to answering more but I’d like to open up a new website dedicated to serving missionaries. That leads me to the purpose for this post.

I want your help

As you know, I’m the webmaster and social media manager for Springhouse Worship and Arts Center and I’ve done some work consulting and helping small business and ministries with their internet presences. I enjoy the work and I’d really like to expand what I’m doing.

But I’m struggling to find a name for the thing (websites have to have names, you know). And is taken. Oh well…

So, can you do this for me?

Can you leave me a comment with three words that come to mind when you think about missionaries, social media, and the internet? 

Of course, you’re welcome to leave more. Or, if you’re not comfortable with leaving comments, you’re certainly also welcome to send me an email (I won’t spam you).

Until next time, may the favor of The Almighty rest upon you.

Image credit: Raymond Bryson

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