Today’s post is a special edition “Follow Friday Extravaganza” requested by Aaron.  

I follow every one of these blogs and tweeters, and, though I may not always agree with everything that’s written or how it’s presented, they always encourage, challenge, and inspire me.  I think they’ll do the same for you.

There are LOTS of great blogs and tweeters out there.  If you’ve found other killer blogs or tweeters, why not leave a recommendation in the comments?

The Blogs

Michael Hyatt

Michael’s Chairman of the Board at Thomas Nelson Publishers and writes consistently about intentional leadership.  In a word, his posts are amazing.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of most innovative marketing minds out there. His posts are frequent and thought-provoking. I’d recommend his Twitter account (@thisissethsblog) but it’s just a feed of his blog posts.

Chris Brogan

Chris is another of the blogosphere’s rock stars. He posts daily about using media (marketing, social media, tech tools) to put humanity back into business.

Sanders Says

Tim Sanders claims that he’s not a blogger, though he writes insightful articles regularly. He’s the author of a book I just finished (Today We Are Rich – affiliate link) and loved and several more that are on my reading list.

300 Words A Day

Short posts every day about faith and spirituality by Jon Swanson.

[daily dose of imagery]

Get your daily fix of cool (family friendly) pictures because every life needs a little beauty.

The Minimalists

All about being satisfied by decoupling from a consumer mentality and removing things that don’t add value (satisfaction) to our lives.



  • @SteveGrossman – All about encouraging people to live with passion.
  • @IndyInkTweets – No little birdies are ever harmed in the birthing of her ridiculously funny tweets.
  • @ScottSCarver – He’s just a great guy who loves to share what he knows.
  • @MichaelHyatt – Everything in his blog and so much more. Michael is an excellent networker and curator.
  • @adamgrave1 – Simple “common sense” wisdom for living.
  • @EntreLeadership Dave Ramsey‘s tweets on entrepreneurship and leadership. Great stuff.
  • @JonAcuff – Author of Quitter (and more).
  • @ProBlogger – I think you know what this one’s about.
  • @LeadToday – Tweets about leadership.
  • @LeadershipNow – More tweets about leadership.
  • @HomeLoanTweeter – Branding, building business, and a killer mortgage broker (disclosure – He helped us refinance our house a couple of years ago and it was a great experience for us.  But his tweets stand by themselves.)
  • @benreed – Funny guy and a great conversationalist.
  • @MarkEntzminger – He’s my brother. You should follow him.
  • @JohnPiper – Amazing tweets on living Christian faith.
  • @motivational – A motivational quote every day.
  • @KennySilva – Business leader. Great tweets.

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