The ability to earn and multiply wealth is a gift from God that he intends to be used for his glory. We can’t do that if we have a “hierarchy of callings” where overt full-time ministry is at the top, teaching and the pursuit of social justice just below, and business is a last resort if you just can’t cut it as a full-time minister, teacher, or lawyer for the underprivileged.

God has created each of us in unique ways and wants us to make the most of all of our gifts, talents, and uniqueness within the context of a godly lifestyle. That means all callings (vocations) are holy, meaningful, and equal in the sight of God.

Steve Grossman a friend of mine recently sent me off to read this blog posting by Dr. Niel Nielson, the president of Covenant College. He has quite a bit to say on the subject – specifically to those who question their calling into business or to those who disdain those with the ability to generate wealth and yet go to those same people for support.

One of the most shocking portions of his post is the quote below from Wheaton Magazine. I think that I had always assumed that the “wealth gap” between the most prosperous areas of the world and all of the rest was due largely to the rich exploiting the poor and struggled with that very “fact”. Read below for a different and more balanced perspective.

In 1800 the richest countries of the world had per capita income about three times that of poor countries. By 2005 this gap had widened so significantly that the per capita incomes of the richest countries were sixty times that of the poor countries. Almost all of this growing difference is not because of exploitation of the poor by the rich. Instead, the vast gap has arisen because of varied abilities to produce wealth. In other words, some parts of the world have discovered the engine of economic growth, while such growth has bypassed other parts. (Wheaton magazine, Winter 2009)

Stop by Business for God’s Glory – Dr. Nielson’s blog posting – for a few minutes. I believe you will find his perspectives fresh, lucid, and quite insightful.

God wants you to step into your calling and work at it with all your might. Be blessed and effective in your endeavors.

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