How to Really Love Your Child

How to Really Love Your Child

While many people believe that parents have little influence on children because so much of the child’s time is controlled by schools, neighbors, media, the church, and peers, the influence of parents actually outweighs everything else. Excerpt from How to Really Love...

Man without God is always torn between two urges. His nature prompts him to do wrong, and his conscience urges him to do right. Antagonistic desires and crossed-up emotions keep him in a state of personal instability.

From Day By Day With Billy Graham” on

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Will You Take The Encourager Challenge?

I was really struggling with how to write this post. I wanted to make it seem epic – and it is epic – but in a pedestrian sort of way (I’m aware of the oxymoron). “How” you ask? Well, here’s the deal: the world is full of detractors and...