I was reading through some blogs that I follow this morning and I came across a very insightful posting by Steve Grossman.

We live in an age where everybody is scratching and clawing through life to keep up with their perceptions of how things could be. We tend to try to create our own little “heavens” through our own effort. And at the same time, we live around people who are trying to do the same – many times only feeling like we matter if we are able to decrease how much others matter.

This is the work of the “enemy of our [souls]” (Revelation 12:9,10). We must be careful that we are both refraining from entering into the work of discouragement as well as actively encouraging those around us in Christ.

Check out this exceprt from You Matter on Why I Failed.

Be encouraged. Be encouraged to learn and protect your calling – whether called to have a job, be a singer, start a company, invent the next life changing widget, whatever. Next, work your guts out to succeed (as in the opposite of fail). Your success matters. Not only in the sense that we need what you’re going to do, but we need to be inspired.

Spend some time on Why I Failed and then subscribe.

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