A Mis-Application of Resources

Have you ever seen this? Automatic sprinklers running while its raining? Talk about wasted resources!

Now, this isn’t to say that I have a problem with sprinklers. In fact, I think irrigation is a good thing. God has created plants to need water and also provides rain. But he has also given us dominion of the earth – and with that, the responsibility to take care of it.

However, unless we’re trying to set up an irrigation system in anticipation of the future, I believe that it is totally ludicrous for us to irrigate while God is providing rain. Unless God has directed us to do so, there is no need or reason for us to try to do what God is already doing.

All too often, however, we start something that is necessary at the time and then never check to see if it’s still needed. We set up a system and never actually manage it. We just turn it on and walk away. We pay our spiritual water bill and assume the investment of our resources is actually needed.

This applies to ministry too

How often do we set up spiritual automatic sprinklers and just let them go to town? Do we set things in motion and then never re-evaluate whether we need to continue? What are we trying to provide that God has already provided?

Let’s take a look at our lives and ministries. Is there anything that we’re trying to take care of – to provide – that God has provided? If so, thank God for his provision. And then let’s ask him if he wants us to continue in it.

It’s possible there’s something else he wants us to do – but that we won’t have the needed resources because we’re investing them elsewhere.

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