It’s Friday afternoon. By now, many people are off work and headed to wherever they go. But, before you unplug (and I hope you do unplug), take a minute to answer this question:

Have YOU been hanging on for the weekend?

In other words, is your weekly life so bad that you live for the escape of the weekend? Or are you able to live an integrated life where you’re fully engaged in your work and your family, your vocation and your avocations?

gift box by kens oven on flickrSure, it’s great to look forward to things. I look forward to holidays and vacations. I want to unplug and to spend some quality time with my family. I’ve been known to watch a movie or head out to the park. We need to recharge.

And, no, my life is not all fun and games. Or puppies and rainbows. But it’s a good life and life – this life – is God‘s gift. A precious and valuable gift. A treasure.

So I’m not trying to escape my life. I’m trying to live it.

Are you trying to escape your life?

If so, what are you going to do about it?

Photo credit: Ken’s Oven on Flickr (Creative Commons License)

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