Are you satisfied with your life?  Is it all that you want it to be?  Do you think it’s all that God would have it to be?  Is your life smaller than your ability to live it?

Do you find areas in your life where your focus has been off or where you’ve known what to do but just haven’t been consistent? Have you decided you want to bless others by sharing your life in person?  Have you only been giving 50% at work?  Are you living an ineffective life without passion?

Have You Been Challenged?

I’m hoping that my recent posts have challenged you.  I know they’ve challenged me.  And if they haven’t challenged you, I’d challenge you to go ahead and challenge me (that just sounds funny, doesn’t it).  I’d appreciate it.

If You’re Not Satisfied

So, let’s assume for a moment that we’re not satisfied with our lives.  That God has more for us than we’re living and that we want to step into what God has for us.  What should we do?

  • Pray about it
    I can’t emphasize this enough.  If we want God’s very best, we must begin with our relationship with God.   We must first come to God to find out what he wants from us.  He might speak to us through the Bible.  Or through others.  But we have to first set our minds and hearts on hearing and obeying his will.
  • Set some goals
    That’s right.  Faith is practical, so if we know what God wants from us and how he wants to work through us, it’s perfectly appropriate for us talk with him about some goals (there’s prayer again).  And then write them down and  work our little tails off – empowered by the Holy Spirit – to achieve those goals.
  • Upset the apple cart
    Sometimes we need to do more than just set a goal.  Sometimes we need to create some tension.  Sometimes we need for our whole lives to be a little off-balance for a while so that we’re uncomfortable enough to transition from where we are to where we should be.
  • What else?
    I don’t begin to think that I’ve made an exhaustive list.  What about your list?  What’s missing from mine?

Photo credit: D’Arcy Norman

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