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Hi, I’m Bryan Entzminger (@bdentzy). Thanks for clicking through the link on my Twitter profile to learn more about me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. On Twitter, you probably already noticed my bio:

Supply chain analyst. Sax, web & media for @SpringhouseWAC. Tweet life, how to, goals, success, church. Afraid of flying monkeys. Blog @ http://bdentzy.com

I think that you’ll find this blog extends my Twitter focus. In the past I’ve focused largely on areas of faith but recently I’ve begun to write more about leadership, success, and bdentzy on twitterbdentzy on facebookbdentzy on linkedingenerosity. I’d love to hear more about what you’re interested in. You should subscribe to my blog and then be sure to let me know what you think about what I’ve written.

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But, enough about the blog…back to Twitter.


I follow people I think are interesting and I follow a lot of people, but just because I’m following somebody doesn’t mean that I am endorsing them. Some of the people I follow have viewpoints and lifestyles widely divergent from mine. But that makes life interesting and gives me an opportunity to continue to learn and increase in influence.

I follow back a lot of the people who follow me but not necessarily everybody. If you look creepy or mean or send spam links to “questionable” photographs or websites, I probably won’t follow you. Or, if I’m following you but notice that you’re being creepy or mean or sending spam links, I might unfollow you.

Links, Tweets & Retweets:

I tweet things that I think are insightful or funny; sometimes things with links to articles. If there’s a link, I think the article is good enough to read. Sometimes, however, great content may contain with “rough” language. If I link to one of those I’ll give you a “language” alert.

Sometimes I retweet things that are great but that are originally tweeted by sketchy people. I’m not endorsing those people. In fact, sometimes I link to great articles that are on blogs full of other stuff – so, proceed at your own risk.

Bryan Entzminger (aka: bdentzy)

I grew up in North Dakota but have lived in Nashville, TN for more than ten years now.

While my college degree is in Music Education, I’ve never been a paid teacher. Instead, for the past several years I’ve worked for a Doane Petcare / Mars Petcare, where I started at an entry-level position and have worked into the role of a Supply Chain Analyst. I enjoy being able to see that my hard work can have an immediate impact on the health of the business.

My wife, Katherine, and I have one daughter (Allyssa) and have really enjoyed watching her learn and grow.

Besides working as a Supply Chain Analyst, I also play saxophone (what I went to school for) at Springhouse Worship and Arts Center, where I’m also an elder, the overseer for benevolence, and handle communications and marketing. I update and maintain our website and do Facebook and Twitter updates. It’s been so amazing to see what God has done in our body over the last several years.


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