238232186_2a2ab1fa18_mA couple of days ago I was reading a post by Chris Brogan called 19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day – a well-thought, well-written, practical article.

That got me thinking…perhaps there are some things that we can do daily to be more effective in the Kingdom of God. In fact I know there are. Here are four things that we – you, me, anybody who is in a relationship with God through Jesus of Nazareth – can do daily and which will improve our effectiveness.

  1. Pray – This should go without saying. But a vibrant, dynamic prayer life is vital to both our relationship with God as well as our relationship with the world around us. Spend time with God asking him to reveal his heart and his will to you. Spend time asking God to grow you into his image. Bring your needs and the needs of those around you to him. Ask him to fix the world’s problems.
  2. Read the Bible – Again…a no-brainer. God has revealed his will and his character to us though the Bible. Learn the names and the stories. Spend some time studying it. And then take it to him in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand things that are confusing. Ask him to show you things in your life and in the world that don’t line up with the Bible.
  3. Get to Know People – God is interested in fixing the relationship between all of humanity as individuals and himself. Get to know somebody. Meet somebody new. Ask people about their struggles and triumphs. Invest your life in the lives of those around you.
  4. Share – Share what God has done in your life. Share the Truth of the Gospel. Share what God has given you – your strength, your love, your resources, and your time.

The life we have through Jesus Christ is a supernatural life – a life marked by mystery but lived here on earth. Take the opportunity to spend a little time getting to know God through prayer and reading the Bible, getting to know people, and sharing.

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