Questioned ProposalThis is my first time ever doing a public year-end review.  In all honesty, it’s a little scary to think about doing this.  First, because it means  I’m being public about my successes and failures.  But secondly, because it feels a little narcissistic to think that people might even care enough to read it.

But, because I found a simple format to use in the Personal Excellence Blog newsletter and because I think reviews can be useful, I’m doing it.  Maybe you want to do a year end review too.

So, here goes

What are your biggest accomplishments this year? (Accomplishments here refer to any results you are proud of)

  • I have grown significantly in effectiveness and knowledge in my job.
  • I’ve written over 25 blog posts.
  • I’ve become part of the Springhouse Worship & Arts Center Communications and Marketing Team.
  • I’ve read at least eight books.
  • I have a little baby girl.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned this year?

  • Results matter.  They really matter.  More than effort, results matter.
  • Being “grown up” isn’t as important as loving, showing kindness, having patience, or being disciplined.
  • Sometimes what you don’t know really can hurt you.
  • My wife continues to become more amazing every day.
  • It is critically important to be where I am when I am there (you know, fully there – mentally, emotionally, and physically)

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with how you spent the year?
(Or if you prefer giving grades, what grade would you give yourself for how this year turned out, between F- to A+?) Why?

Probably a 7.

  • I would have like to have been more disciplined, generous, and focused in my time in the Bible and in prayer.
  • I would have like to have been more “present” rather than distracted.
  • But I think I’ve grown a lot – particularly in terms of getting things done, growing into new responsibilities, and driving change rather than being driven by it.

What do you want to accomplish next year, such that it’s your best year ever?

  • I want to be 100% focused in my relationship with God.
  • I want to see my relationships and my work as an extension of my spirituality.
  • I want to give the best I have to my wife and baby when I’m with them.
  • I want to build stronger relationships.
  • I want to eat right, lose about 20 pounds, and feel better.
  • I want to exude the joy of the Lord.

What are your immediate next steps to achieve these goals

  • Make Bible and prayer my first priority every day.
  • Renew my mind by reminding myself that work is given by God and is a route to experiencing God.  (Genesis 1:28, Ecclesiastes 2:24, study through the book of Ecclesiastes)
  • Spend time when I first get home giving my best to my wife and baby.
  • Get together with at least one friend at least one time a month to share to help each other grow in living our faith.
  • Eat right, drink water, and exercise.
  • Spend time in the presence of God every day.

How about you?

How would you answer these questions?  Care to share?

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