Are You Chasing Squirrels With a Moped?

Productivity is an interesting beast. It’s quite possible to get a lot done very quickly and still be unproductive. Or at least fail to be usefully productive.

I’m sure this doesn’t apply to you, but it happens to my make-believe friend Billy Bob. On some make-believe Saturday he grabs his number two pencil and a Big Chief yellow pad and makes a list.

  • Ride the moped out to get groceries
  • Get squirrel feed
  • Groom the iguana
  • Brush my teeth
  • Play catch with the kids

It looks like Billy Bob has a great day ahead of him. But if he goes out and spends the entire day chasing squirrels on his moped , he would have been better off if his list had been: Continue reading

August in Review – Quotes & Popular Posts

In the past month I’ve made several changes to this blog and to how I approach my online relationships.  First, I’m more intentional about connecting with great people and sharing great content.  Second, I’ve shifted my focus slightly to the things I think you’re interested in: growing as a leader, living a successful, meaningful, balanced life, and (of course) faith.

One of the things that I’ve learned is that I’m surrounded by smart, insightful people who are generous with what they know, so I started collecting quotes from Twitter and sharing them (here and here).  I’d love to hear more of your insights as well as how you’re applying them in “real life.”

Top Five Posts for August, 2011

  1. How to Improve Your Relationship With God
  2. Do This to Bypass Failure
  3. Follow Friday Tweeters + Interesting Blogs
  4. The Week in Review – Great Quotes & Articles
  5. The Week In Review – Quotes & Tools

Surveying the list I have noticed a couple of things.  First, the most popular post is over two years old, written in July of 2009.  Second, three of the top five were essentially written by you.  I think that speaks volumes to what all of you add in value to the internet.  Thanks, again, for sharing.

What do you think?

Which of the quotes is your favorite (you’ll have to click the links to get to the quotes)?
How do you plan to bring that quote to life? 

The Week in Review – Quotes and Tools

One of the great things about meeting new people is that I get to learn and grow.  Over the last week I’ve found a number of great quotes that I’d like to share with you.  I’ve retweeted some of them and others I haven’t (gotta keep it interesting, you know).

I thought I’d also join the bandwagon of people telling you which tools they use.  I’m certainly not trying to tell you that mine are the best. But I like them and I’d like to share some love with the developers.

The Quotes:

  • Stripped of all its trappings, leadership is the courage to do the right thing.
    via Twitter / @LeadershipNow
  • Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish. – Albert Einstein #tcot #quote
    via Twitter / @johnsykes1035
  • Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. C. S. Lewis
    via Twitter / @LifeVerse
  • Its not the amount [sic] of hours you have per day that matters, its what you do with your hours that matters. Remove your distractions & win!
    via Twitter / @DBlakeSmith
  • Faith is putting all your eggs in God’s basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch.  ~Carroll
    via Twitter / @revtrev
  • A rich sense of confidence comes from three kinds of beliefs: confidence in self, trust in others, and faith in God.
    Tim Sanders in Today We Are Rich (affiliate link)
  • Somebody can promote you to a leadership position but you have to earn the right to truly lead.
    via Twitter / @LeadToday
  • Wise leaders create an environment where advisors are encouraged to give their input.
    via Twitter / @BarryWerner

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The Week in Review – Great Quotes & Articles

Looking over the last week,  I’ve come across some great quotes on Twitter and some excellent articles. Here’s just a sampling of what has tickled my funny bone, made me think deeply about how I’m living, or that I think you might find interesting.

If you have a great quote or article that you’d like to make sure I see, send it to @bdentzy on Twitter.  Of course, no guarantees – there’s a lot of great stuff out there.  But it doesn’t hurt your chances.

The Quotes

The Articles

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Follow Friday Retweeters + Interesting Blogs

The world is full of interesting people.  Here are a few people you might want to check out and some interesting blogs from this week.  Check them out, keep what’s good, and let’s all make the world a better place.


I’d like to say “thanks” to some people who thought I was interesting enough to retweet on Twitter. I appreciate the love!

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God’s Scrapbook

Have you ever wondered why we keep scrapbooks?  I know I have.

My mom has made at least a couple of scrapbooks from when I was growing up.  They have the usual things – a lock of hair, a senior picture, and pictures of all kinds of relatives and vacations and the first ever experience with bubble gum.

I used to wonder why she did that.  And I think I now know why we do photo albums and scrapbooks; we want to remember.

There’s a part of us that wants to store up the life experiences of those we love and save them.  To capture time and cherish moments.  To make the fleeting moments last.  I think this is part of being created in the image of God.

It’s not just scrapbooks Continue reading

Be Intentional with Facebook Friends Lists

I don’t know about you, but I like to be very intentional with the time I spend on Facebook.  Well, really I like to be intentional about how I spend my time on any of the social media tools I use.

I don’t want to log in and spend hours browsing – after all, you can’t have fondue on Facebook.  I do want to log in, do what I want to do, read what I want to read, and get out.

One of the ways I do that is by organizing my friends into lists so that I can keep up with people based on the nature of our friendship (friends from High School, friends from Church, colleagues and networking “friendlies“).  Then, when I want to see what my Church friends are doing, I’ll check that list.

Note: I also use lists to control who can see me as “online” for Facebook chat.

I Realized it was Missing

Or at least I did until the recent Facebook layout change.  In fact, the new Facebook home was enough of a redesign that I forgot that I couldn’t find my old filters.  Until today.

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Does Facebook Make Us Better Friends

Facebook is a pretty cool thing.  I’m on Facebook and I like it.  It’s great for sharing photos and stories and such.  And for keeping up with friends.  But does it make us better friends?

I don’t know

I’m talking to you – the “regular” people who use Facebook and email and Twitter to keep up with friends and family.  Not the people who are marketing their business or trying to network for their next sale.  Just the people who use it personally.

Do you think it makes you a better friend?

I mean, it’s great to catch up.  It’s super-easy to “like” a comment or status update.  You can use Facebook to begin to know people in a socially non-threatening way.  But does it make you a better friend?

I know there have been times that I’ve “liked” and commented away and felt really connected to my friends and family.  That is, until I’m asked a question about something that I “liked” or commented and I realize I can’t even remember the comment, much less the context.

How about you?

Has that ever happened to you?
Do you think Facebook makes you a better friend?

Have I been a good friend to you on or through or in spite of Facebook?

Photo credit: uros velickovic

Life Happens in Person

Woman with slabs of bacon tied to her feet sta...

Image by UW Digital Collections via Flickr

Technology is a cool thing.  I almost can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have a cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and the ability to telecommute.

I’m Blessed

I am very blessed that I live where and when I do.  I’m happy about it.  In fact, I still want an iPad, even though they’re $500 or more.  And I want an Android phone even though it’ll cost me $30 more per month just for a data plan.

But there’s something I can’t do through technology.  I can’t actually show up over technology.  I can’t have fondue on Facebook.  I can’t actually hug somebody or shake a hand.

Why Show Up?

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Get Connected

Get Connected

Image by bdentzy via Flickr

I wonder if part of the reason we – the Church – don’t share our faith more is because we’re not connected.  I don’t mean that we don’t have cell phones and don’t check our email every 8.36 seconds.  I mean that our lives aren’t connected.

Sure, we think we’re connected.  We share information about our lives.  But we don’t share our lives.

We share pictures and thoughts and quotes.  But we don’t get in the car.  We don’t go to concerts with friends.  We don’t hang out at the park.  At least not like we used to.

Instead, we hole up in our homes – our fortresses of solitude – where we have information and entertainment piped in.  Where we nuke our TV dinners and write blogs in the middle of the night (“like I’m doing now”, types Bryan ruefully).

A Personal Proverb

This is one I made up.  You can’t have fondue on Facebook.

You just can’t.

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