How do YOU Choose a Church

How do YOU choose a church? This tweet from Scotty Smith made me think yesterday.


I know what I look for in a church, though I’ve not looked for a long time since I’ve been at my church for over 13 years now. I look for the presence of God, healthy relationships and families, solid theology, and integrity and humility in the leaders (and vibrant worship helps too).

But, what do you look for?

Do This to Achieve More Goals

By now many goals have fallen by the wayside.  Many New Years resolutions have been forgotten and a few people have already fallen off the health nut bandwagon and are eating cheesy fries even as you’re reading this.

But what if I told you that a simple tweak or two might change everything for you?

A few days ago I shared my one word plan for 2012.  It’s pretty simple and it’s my turnaround plan for the year: Fitness – specifically developing habits of fitness. But having one word doesn’t necessarily guarantee success (neither does having three words as my failures last year demonstrated). Even having that one word written down and telling a bunch of people about it on a blog doesn’t guarantee success. There is more required and I’m about to share that with you. Continue reading

A One Word Plan for 2012

On the first day of February it’s time to talk about goals and plans for the year.

Have you made any resolutions yet?
Have you kept them so far?

If you’ve already broken your resolutions, it’s not too late.  But I bet a little focus might go a long way to helping your achieve your goals.

For 2012 I have a one word plan. I’ll share that one word plan with you in a minute but first I want to spend a little time on what I did last year and why I think it didn’t work.

My Three Words Last Year

For the past year or two I’ve followed the example of Chris Brogan of choosing three words to define my focus for the upcoming year. I have a number of friends, such as Steve Grossman, who do the same and I know we’re not the only ones.

Last year my three words were Steadfast, Courageous, and Intentional and I failed miserably. Sure, I was sometimes steadfast, sometimes intentional, and occasionally courageous. But they certainly didn’t define my year. I didn’t have razor-like focus or execution.

Note: The problem might have been the words themselves; all those words need something to be steadfast, courageous, or intentional about. But that’s a different article.

So, as I was thinking and praying about 2012, I thought perhaps three words were too many. Perhaps I should just focus on one thing to define my year. Sure, I can have multiple goals but I need to have a single focus. At least for 2012.

Have you ever considered that?

Have you considered having a single focus for a time?
Perhaps a single focus for your life?

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